i had the best conversation with karisa

i was telling her the story about the young lady who told me that she never wanted to see me again.

“how about never” i believe was the response to my earnest invitation.

this young lady and i have the best dinners.

i was going to ask her if maybe since our dinners are the best parts of our times together maybe all we should do together is have dinners.

none of the before or after,

just the looking into the eyes.

the scanning of the dinner threads

the ordering, the waiting

the nibbling

then the gorging.

its la so no desert.

karisa said the root of the problem is lack of trust. and without that

theres nothing.

and of course shes right. as always.

but what is wrong with me that when i hear how about never

that just sounds like the greatest challenge.

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written and directed by richard linkletter in 1991
total budget: $23,000

linketter of course also wrote and directed dazed and confused (1993), which as great as it was, only grossed $8 million while in theatres.

he also directed the underrated subUrbia in 1996, the classic School of Rock in 2003, the completely underrated remake of the Bad News Bears in 2005 somewhat in part due to the writing team from Bad Santa, and the sobering Fast Food Nation in 2006.

slacker, post punk meets alterna grunge before the hipsters figured out irony, remains as the art school experiment gone good. negativland with visuals.

and somehow its available for free online. legally. (if youre in the US)

this is why they (should) hate us.

h/t rex

there are no taco stands in italy

the au pair told me

we were eating taco bell and chipotle around the huge kitchen island.

any drive thrus, i asked her.

i dont think so. yes mcdonalds i think.

so i asked her the word for crazy in italian

Pazzo she said.

it will be called Pazzo Taccos i said. hard tacos like taco bell, deep fried tacos like Jack in the Box, soft tacos like Midnight Tacos, old school burritos like el faralito in the mish, and spicy burritos like chipotle.

kids eat free.

you make your money off the beer anyways.

i said how are the bars in milan?

she said, oh i dont drink at bars.

i said it will be called Suburbs.

with the instant fortune we will make handing out $4 tacos and $10 burritos we will lease some run down property like an abandoned gas station on the corner of the street, we will tear it down and build a typical suburban home.

in the kitchen is the bar, as well as one downstairs in the basement where the bands often play. in the context of the old world, a tan and sand painted american suburban home right in the middle of the block will be shocking and always packed.

but, i said, it will be better than the actual suburbs because it will have

no kids allowed.

and thats where i lost the au pair.

however later she made cupcakes.