1. Friday, December 26, 2008

    borrowing my three yr old nephew’s laptop 

    so i can show you some pics

    all of these pics are from my iphone, so dont hate. this is from my moms basement. these are my childhood games

    fisher price representing

    this cub scout shirt is so small i dont even think
    the girls i date could fit into it.

    my mom has my old baseball bats down in her basement to protect her wrapping paper.
    dont laugh, hardly any of her wrapping paper has been stolen since 9/12/01

    no way wouldnt i live in this basement if i still lived in IL

    seriously what girl wouldnt wanna make out with me on this sweet couch

    check out the easter bunny tracks. you’re early f’er!

    my favorite book in grade school

    my mom loves mangers. this was ours growing up. hey wait who are those new peeps?
    there goes the neighborhood!

    as shes gotten older the mangers have taken a more, uh, soulful turn

    ok thats it for tonight, happy christmas saturday!