exclusive interview with keira-anne on her 24th birthday!

Tony: Is it really your b-day today?
Keira-Anne: Guilty as charged. But I’d rather it not be.
Tony: Why’s that?
Keira-Anne: Just not feelin’ social – at ALL.
Tony: Would you like me to interview you so I can have it on my blog later?
Keira-Anne: Like a chat interview?
Tony: It’s the only kind.
Keira-Anne: Sure. Talking with Tony makes me happy.
Tony: Awww…

Tony: Ok happy b-day Keira!
Keira-Anne: Thanks, Tony! You know, as you said that, I could hear your voice saying it.
Tony: Ha!
Keira-Anne: You have a great voice.
Tony: Awww…will you be announcing how old you are in your blog?
Keira-Anne: I don’t think I’ll be writing about my birthday on my blog
Tony: Why not?
Keira-Anne: I don’t feel the need to. Should I feel the need to?
Tony: There’s no need, but you write every day…why not write about your b-day?
Keira-Anne: I try to, yah. But the well’s running dry. Isn’t it kind of conceited to write about one’s birthday?
Tony: The act of blogging by definition is conceited/narcissistic, so you may as well roll with it.
Keira-Anne: Excellent point, Tony. You might be on to something with that.
Tony: Good. Stop listening to the voices in yr head telling you not to blog things. That’s my b-day advice to you.
Keira-Anne: I think that’s rather sage.

Tony: So what do you want for your b-day?
Keira-Anne: Not to be called “dude.”
Tony: Who calls you that?
Keira-Anne: Lots of people call me that.
Tony: I will buy you a squirt gun. Squirt people who call you that.
Keira-Anne: Is that obvious code for something?
Tony: It’s what people do to cats when they’re being bad.
Keira-Anne: I’m not much of a naughty kitty. Not tonight at least.
Tony: You’re not the naughty one, They are.
Keira-Anne: Ahhh I got where you’re going with that now.
Tony: When they call you that, say, come ‘ere, what did you say?
Keira-Anne: How about a super soaker then?
Tony: Something you can slide in your purse.
Keira-Anne: Maybe you should buy me a really big handbag to go with the super soaker then.

Tony: Interesting idea. Ok so what else do you want? Keep in mind this is a magical chat interview the entire world reads this and cares for you and will probably get you what you ask.
Keira-Anne: Marc Jacobs’ “Totally Turnlock – Patent Faridah” Tote in black.
Tony: Hahahaha!
Keira-Anne: And I thought that even before you informed me of your readership – i was just taking your advice.
Tony: What color?
Keira-Anne: That I should say what I want and that blogging is conceited…so why not go with the materialistic gift choice? Black! Wanna see it?

Tony: How is it that Nordstrom only has it in red?
Keira-Anne: No, they have it in black too, as you can see. But I’m sure other shops would carry it.
Tony: Ok that’s a good thing to want.
Keira-Anne: I agree. Pretty AND practical!
Tony: Hahaha how is it practical?
Keira-Anne: Because I can store a really big super soaker in it. And a variety of lip glosses.

Tony: What were you doing at your last b-day?
Keira-Anne: I went to Boneta for dinner on the Friday night – excellent food. And then on my actual birthday I had a lil’ get together and drank a LOT of red wine. And you weren’t here.
Tony: Wait, was that get together at Matt’s? And you had a hot dress?
Keira-Anne: Yes, yes and yes.
Tony: Wow! Time flies.
Keira-Anne: Well, my newer dress is hotter.
Tony: Newer? For your b-day?
Keira-Anne: Nah, I got it earlier this year but it’s definitely newer than the green dress.
Tony: Pics!
Keira-Anne: Hmmm okay one sec… Heinous pic of me but SIDE BOOB!
I love the way that dress makes me look like I got a boob job.
Tony: Mama mia!

Tony: Ok so how has this year been?
Keira-Anne: This year has actually been really, really great. The word “happy” has come up a lot, and it’s nice.
Tony: You seem surprised about that. Shouldn’t you be happy?
Keira-Anne: Definitely – everyone should be happy. It’s not always easy to come by.
Tony: Should George Bush be happy?
Keira-Anne; I think he should find peace. Despite the George W. Bush we know as a political figure, he’s definitely someone I’d love to sit and talk with. I see him as a puppet on a string, but he’s also a husband and a dad and a son.
“I like those troll pencils…that when you go like this” (rubs hands together) “their hair goes all crazy…”
Tony: That’s how you picture our president?
Keira-Anne: No, but that was Matt’s contribution to our interview.
Tony: Hahahahaha!
Keira-Anne: Completely unrelated to Georgie.

Tony: Speaking of Matt then, what’s your favorite track off the live album?
Keira-Anne: Hmmm well I haven’t listened to it enough times to pick a definite favourite, but I’m a big fan of Weapon.
Tony: Ah nice. I never really loved that one until this record. I know I’m in the minority.
Keira-Anne: True, you kinda are. I was blown away the first time I saw that video – it stunned me. So then what is Tony’s favourite track from the album?
Tony: I’m A Window.
Keira-Anne: You kinda are.
Tony: Cuz he says f twice.
Keira-Anne: What’s f?
Tony: uck
Keira-Anne: Oh right – your mom reads this
Tony: Also my boss.
Keira-Anne: Oh right! Can I say panty?
Tony: You can say anything that would go in the newspaper.
Keira-Anne: Panty would go in the newspaper. Like on page…79. Victoria’s Secret’s Huge Blowout Panty Sale! I’d attend that.
Tony: I thought girls hated that word.
Keira-Anne: I love it. Funny you should say that though, because most girls I know hate it when I say “panty.”
Tony: Isn’t that a word girls use from the beginning of life?
Keira-Anne: cvh xznwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwnwzU************cmv t
That was Eli. He meant to say “panty”

Tony: The lil’ pussy cat?
Keira-Anne: Mmhmm.
Tony: Damn cute thing that cat!
Keira-Anne: He’s awesome. He took a Photo Booth photo for the busblog.
Tony: I have no idea what that is.
Keira-Anne: Photo Booth is a program on Mac computers that lets you take serious or silly or topless pictures of yourself with your built-in camera.
Tony: Ahhhhhhhhhh…f Macs.
Keira-Anne: f PCs. PCs don’t let you insta-boob unless you buy a webcam.
Tony: With the savings of not buying a Mac, one could buy 57 webcams. One for each of my boobs.
Keira-Anne: Well, I just sent you a busblog e-mail with two Photo Booth pics. The first one offers lovely boob accentuation. If accentuation is a word.
Tony: Awwwwwwww…very sweet.
Keira-Anne: Waaaaaaaait a minute. You have 57 boobs?
Tony: Sure. I have 28 1/2 girlfriends here.
Keira-Anne: That’s an odd number tho. Or you’re in an Arnold Schwarzenegger sci-fi film…but I forget what it was called.
You know – the one with the chick with the three boobs.
Tony: Running man?
Keira-Anne: No…
Tony: Last Action Hero?
Keira-Anne: No the one with Sharon Stone. Total Recall.
Tony: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…I don’t recall it.
Keira-Anne: “He’s a farking idiot. What guy from…c’mon” He means that with love.
Tony: The best part about not remembering movies is you can see ‘em again and all’s well.
Keira-Anne: I would agree with that. I LOVE to watch movies over and over again.

Tony: You should see what I saw this weekend. If Canaduh has it.
Keira-Anne: What did you see? Oh we probably have it.
Tony: Synectady New York. Charles Kaufman.
Keira-Anne: Hmmm and why should I see this?
Tony: Dude who wrote being John Malkovich. Cuz it’s crazy and wild and weird and will help you figure out direction in life.
Keira-Anne: Hmmm I guess I’ll have to keep an eye out for it.
Tony: Also I think everyone should turn their Mac cameras on, gather their vinyl or CDs and do this:
Keira-Anne: Do tell.
Tony: Like This, But one must paint their face like a crazy injun. And grow a beard.

Keira-Anne: That’s a long video. If a YouTube video is longer than like 2 mins, I never watch it.
Tony: So make it 2 mins. “I love Hanson.”
Keira-Anne: I watched about 45 seconds of it.
Tony: “this is their first record called We’re Not Gay.”
Keira-Anne: Whaaaaaat? Is that what he says?
Tony: No that’s what you’d say.
Keira-Anne: They’re not gay. I bet Taylor would’ve…you know.
Tony: I do?
Keira-Anne: f
Tony: Dudes?
Keira-Anne: No dudes! Dude is a bad word!
Tony: Ah crap forgot. Do you know that song “Don’t call me dude”?
Keira-Anne: I would pull my super soaker out of my Marc Jacobs tote and squirt you in the face if I could right now.
Nope, I don’t.
Tony: Scatterbrain. Sorta cowboy punk. Rockabillyish. But then turns metalllllll.
Keira-Anne: At first I wasn’t sure what it was going to be…
Tony: 1989-1990. Best period for music since 1964.
Keira-Anne: I miss music the way it used to be.

Tony: Sigh. Ok so which Canuck twin is your favorite?
Keira-Anne: I don’t follow the Canucks and I definitely don’t follow the Sedin twins.
Tony: Why not?!?!
Keira-Anne: Why watch Canucks games when i can watch re-runs of Law & Order: SVU?
Tony: Get outta town!
Keira-Anne: You like it too?
Tony: No but Charles Barkley loves it. And my momma.
Keira-Anne: Your momma and I should watch it together sometime.
Tony: I would like that.
Keira-Anne: I have a huge crush on Chris Meloni… and pretty much everyone that’s ever been on OZ stars on SVU at one point or another. I would like that too. I’d make her buttery stovetop popcorn. Does your momma like popcorn?
Tony: Of course!
Keira-Anne: Then popcorn she shall have!

Tony: Ok anything else you wanna say to the busblog readers on this, your 23rd b-day?
Keira-Anne: I don’t knowwww…um, thanks for reading my interview if you made it this far (buy me Marc Jacobs) and I hope you keep reading the busblog because (buy me Marc Jacobs) Tony is truly a great guy who’s a lot of (buy me Marc Jacobs) fun, and if you comment on his blog often, maybe drop him a bus blog e-mail and (buy me Marc Jacobs) tell him to VISIT VANCOUVER AGAIN ALREADY. Geez. Howzat?
Tony: Hahaha perfecto! Happy birthday, Keira-Anne!
Keira-Anne: Thank you, Tony.
Tony: xoxoxox
Keira-Anne: i’m smiling, k?
Tony: Kiss the kitty for me! Yay!
Keira-Anne: I will!

wanna step into the past? then join us for the last time keira-anne was interviewed on the busblog in rocktober of 2007. all photos by keira-anne except for the side boob one.