if you have Facebook and you get a message in your In Box that looks like this:

delete it IMMEDIATELY. it’s a trap, it’s a lie, worse… its A VIRUS!

why people would create such things is beyond me. but they do. it’s called the Koobface Virus, and David Sarno on the Tech blog has the scoop:

Reports circulated today about a virulent piece of malware making its way around Facebook, a major hub of the social Web with 120 million users. Because of its walled-off internal e-mail system, Facebook has long been a tough target for spammers and other fraudsters, but the “Koobface” virus is a sign that the relative viral calm on the site — which just today announced an ambitious program to extend its services outside its own tight perimeter — may have been a luxury.

The virus’ most insidious property is that users receive the offending message from a friend: On Facebook, only people whom users have explicitly approved as friends can send them e-mails.

The Koobface e-mails have a subject like “You look so amazing funny on our new video,” and contain a link to a YouTube-like video site that appears to contain a movie clip (see image). The video, however, doesn’t play, and the website then asks the user to update his or her video software by downloading a file. It’s that file that contains the malicious code.

Read the rest here on the LAT Technology Blog, but before you do, check your FB in box, make sure it’s not in there, if it is delete it, and you might wanna warn your friends and family.