1. Monday, December 1, 2008

    my agent told me shed gotten an offer for a new busblog blook 

    and i said i dont wanna make some new book and she said it doesnt have to be a new book, just a compilation of some old stuff and some new stuff and i would personally wheelbarrow the money to you.

    and this weekend i looked back through the busblog to see what wasnt in Blook, or How to Blog or Stiff and maybe raymi likes looking back through the past, but i sure as hell dont cuz all i ever see is

    i used to take the best pictures

    i used to date the hottest girls

    i used to own the best wholesale tea stores

    i used to see beauty in everything

    i even used to have hair

    nowadays im so not fun. everythings work work work. everythings beating the joneses. everything is stronger faster harder. i buy books i dont read. i get numbers i dont call. hell i even have video games i dont play.

    i have a buspass i dont use. i have a closet fulla clothes i dont wear. i have food i dont eat. i have a life ive yet to rock.

    there are girls i used to kiss who dont even wanna friend me on facebook.

    there are channels i havent seen on tv. there are magazines i havent read. there are dozens of pages in todays newspaper i havent read. there are people i havent called. there are letters i havent written and theres this blog that doesnt have enough fruit over years and years to make a blook

    do you know how that makes me feel?

    so freakin relieved.