1. Tuesday, December 16, 2008

    my buddy joe found an old book of poems i gave him many christmases ago 

    and he said, “dude even a gazillion years ago you were an old man whining about this and complaining about that.”

    which is why i failed to mention what i liked at the beverly center this weekend.

    of course i liked the company and the delicious soup at pf changs.

    but the beverly center has something that i dont think many malls have – hunky santa and the candy cane girls.

    now hunky santa has been interviewed a few times in the local paper, but omg these candy cane girls – i totally underestimated them.

    for some reason i just thought they were sorta inappropriate sultry vixens that danced around.

    yes some of them dance, but some of them hang from the ceilings by nothing but a banner of sheet-like material, and one of them was on stilts.

    it was truly amazing to see

    there was even a magician

    it got everyone pumped up, and i dont know much about sales psychology (ok i do) but it was working.

    people were smiling and clapping and they wanted to hang out at the mall which is quite a trick in LA where there are multiple options on a sunday in a town with no pro football team.