my ears are still ringing

musta been the hells bells.

coulda been the six cannons during the finale of “for those about to rock”

may have been the mexican dudes shouting in my ear throughout the show in their broke english. i didnt wanna say “WHAT?” because they would only shout louder but i had to, they both had tye-dyed AC/DC shirts and were singing along so cutely.

“she’s got the yak, shes got the yak”

my amigos had snuck down from the cheap seats and saw that i had a perfect line of sight and since i was in seat 1, right next to the aisle, one guy stood in front of me (the stage was 45 degrees to our left) and the other guy stood behind me, in a way, with one foot in the aisle.

not exactly the personal space i had counted on, but hell i was lucky even to be there, if i could help these dudes rock out, then fine.

later one of the guys, i think his name was Douglas, asked if he could borrow my ticket so he could run up and get us both a beer.

mais oui, mi amigos.

they asked me if i was gonna see Metalica next week right there at the forum and i said no but i would download the torrent. i dont think it translated well.

one of the funniest moments was the first time i peed. AC/DC opened with their latest single something about a Train. then they played the old chestnut “hell aint a bad place to be”, which segued real nice-like into “back in black”. when we heard the opening measures of another new song “Big Jack” all the dudes made a dash to the men’s room to recycle as it were. first a visit to the mens room, then a quick stop off at the beer stand.

in the mens room everyone laughed and said “new songs suck!” but when we could hear the muffled chant of “dirty deeds done dirt cheap” the fellas were all, “shake it, men, theyre back to playing the good songs!”

last time i peed was after the long trek back to my car after the show. so many people had come to the forum that they had us parked over at Hollywood Park. two dudes were parked next to my car and they were relieving themselves so i figured id follow the trend. one of the joys of being a man is to be one with nature for a quick second.

what was the crowd like? sorta older. definately into the jams. saw a few young kids. noticed lots and lots of AC/DC shirts and more than a few Iron Maiden ones, which made me happy.

longtime busblog reader Chris C. says he saw Slash there, I saw the dude from Anthrax.

only weird moment was when they broke into Let There Be Rock and all i could think of is the new Rock Band commercial, which (hopefully) has given that song a new life.

Angus looked older, they all looked older, but the guy who worried me the most was Brian. he can still belt them out, but for how long? Thats gotta be suicide for a guy’s voice.

photo of Angus Young by Joey Maloney used with permission – see his whole set here