1. Friday, December 12, 2008

    oh canada, 

    how is it that your girls seem to have so much more fun than us in the states?

    Keira-Anne: SO much fun last night!
    me: seeing your new apt?
    Keira-Anne: i saw it. i’m indecisive.
    but i went out with the girls.
    and me and lindsay went to a slutty store and snuck in the change room together ;0
    and we went to the arcade you and i went to and watched 70s porn

    me: and made out?
    Keira-Anne: and i drank, drank, drank
    no, we tried on slutty santa outfits
    me: and took pics?
    Keira-Anne: [heck] ya
    me: yay!

    Keira-Anne: merry xmas
    me: ahahaha. thank you
    Keira-Anne: that should’ve been my damn xmas card pic this year

    me: im gonna share your goodwill right now with the busbloggers

    Keira-Anne: do it!
    there’s a few pics on there

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