oj is being sent to jail today for years and years and years

because we have decided that you cant threaten to do harm to people, you can’t “kidnap” them by making them stay in their vegas hotel rooms, and you cant use a gun while you do all this crazy nonsense when you should be in florida counting your lucky stars that the glove didnt fit, etc.

because the sentencing is so stiff for this sort of illegal activity you dont hear about a lot of people doing these sorts of crimes.

however there is a multimillion dollar industry to protect people from catching computer viruses. unlike illnesses that strike the human body due to viruses, computer viruses are man-made and solely intended to injure people’s computers. it’s like taking a machine gun up a clock tower and just spraying bullets at the innocent people below.

but unlike such a crime, the internet virus spreader has the benefit of having others do their bidding for them. once his program strikes the first person, the evil spreads from computer to computer at breakneck speed.

OJ will be going to jail for at least 6 years and after those are served, because he used a gun, he will have to do a few more years. internet criminals should face the same tough sentencing: years for trying to ruin people’s personal and professional equipment, and because they used a computer they should have to get more years.

imagine if you intentionally attempted and then was successful in infecting 1 million people’s computers – ruining months of hard work, stymieing projects at work, and generally being a dickwad. now imagine if that crime could get you 15 years to life. dont you think this bs would stop immediately?

it’s indeed time for change.