people say that music sucked in 2008

thats only cuz mtv sucked

Girl in a Coma is a three piece all girl group from Texas.

they recently toured with Tegan and Sara.

they are signed to Joan Jett’s Blackheart Records. wanna know why i like Blackheart Records? cuz they dont have their heads up their youtubes. many many many record labels disable the embed codes of their precious videos. for some reason they think that weeks away from 2009 they have “control” over “their” “music”. so they make people watch the videos only on the labels’ youtube channel.

huge mistake cuz there are others out there who wanna put those videos on their blogs, myspaces, facebooks, xangas, ljs, tumblrs, etc and basically broadcast that song as a free commercial and say OMG OMG OMG all around it.

these labels would instead pay $$$$ for advertisements in places where no one cares instead of allowing actual fans and real music lovers help pollinate the eyes and ears of fellow music lovers.

Blackheart Records has seen the light, their YouTube Channel lets you hear the music, discover new stuff and then embed the code of those vids on blogs like this one.

someone clearly does love rock n roll.