suzie in canada says she doesnt wanna write for a while

i say fine, take pics

yesterday sarah and ali and i ate lunch and ali pulled out this new candy called the shocker

they said, tell us more about isla vista and the pardall road development

i said remember that place that was the burger king, and then the karate place.
its now where the pardall road development headquarters is

they have a map showing how theyre widening the sidewalks…

adding new olde fashionedey street lamps

removing the drinking wall from sams to go

and removing all parking from the street except at the very end by giovannis

i swear to god i passed these girls who had just returned from winter break who looked at it all
and said “this is I.V. not the !#@$ing Grove.”

introduced myself to the women, we went back to their place, and check out their cassette collection.

one of em took my buddy around back and the other said whats yr favorite flavor m&m

i esped her thinking hope you say pink.