this is one of the joshes.

yesterday was his last day. friday was the other josh’s last day. that means we have run out of joshes.

the joshes were one of the secret ingredients behind the record breaking success of our online ventures. if it was hollywood theyd call them one of the little people. but these guys were far from little. they were incredibly important. not sure what things are gonna be like without them.

but it reminds me of the time when i was the arts editor of our college paper and then all of a sudden i wasnt arts editor. i was all, that section is doomed. theres just no way. all of a sudden the video guy was supposed to take over for me and as much as i loved him i was all theres no way, hes funny but theres no way.

magically the video guy stepped up majorly and indeed there was a way.

im hoping thats what happens here. i am also hoping that as in my dream of last week, the joshes are simply leaving us for a little while and they will learn some tricks that they wouldnta been able to learn here, and one day they will come back to us when we least expect it and shower us with more of their brilliance and there will be celebrations and great tidings.

on my first day here the joshes and several others from the Development team greeted me like a rock star. they showed me around, made me feel at home, made me feel wanted. “anything you want, just ask” they said and it was more than just lip service.

for a huge machine to work, you need all of the parts to cooperate. the joshes never let us down, not even once. on top of that they always seemed to have time to drink. gotta love that.

last night we drank and celebrated josh k’s departure. it was somber, so of course i did my best to be outrageous and disgusting in order to provide levity during the sadness of the day. i hope i succeeded.

some say josh looks like the dude in office space.