kellys neck was amazing

her whole style was.

sleepy spice, stony spice, scorpio spice.

kelly kissed me once and i started to speak wiccan.

shes gonna hang out at the coffee shop. shes gonna smoke all the cigarettes.

shes going to look better in a thrift store tshirt than the mannequin in the window.

people tell me about creeper pot, which you’ll smoke and you’ll think oh this is wack but then all of a sudden the high creeps up on you and before you know it you’re higher than youve ever been.

kelly was creeper hot.

you’d see her and youd go oh thats a nice lookin blonde (/blue/green/black) haired girl, but wheres the keg? then you actually talk to her and youre all omg shes sorta incredible

in a town of babes on many nights she was the babeliest.

in a town of rock stars, she dated the biggest rock star because you get more points for death

and in a town of video stores she worked at the best one.

it was called The !@#%ing Video Store, and they would answer the phone like that. kelly had no interest in the movies you liked and was probably creeped out by the porn you went in the back room to pick out and rent. she sprawled out on the couch, smoked, and eventually took your money as the smiths played on the stereo.

for some reason there was also a rock climbing wall inside the !#@#ing video store. it was not unusual to see people climbing while you were renting videos.

you never saw kelly climbing that wall.

their deals were great, their ads were great, but kelly was the star.

because the lord continues to love us, kelly has recently joined facebook and has uploaded a nice collection of isla vista era photos of you and yr friends.

looker up.

for some reason our group didnt take all that many pictures. so its always nice when people show up outta nowhere and dig up some sweet treasures.