raymi is the best diarist in the universe

– votes dont lie

although i like to hype good blogs, i dont think theres been one blog or one blogger who i have praised more than raymi the minx’s. in fact (and raymi would gladly point this out to you in great detail), much of the reason that half of canada even knows that the busblog exists is probably due to raymi either directly or indirectly.

however the reverse might also be said, as well as the inverse, but who cares, raymi just won the best diarist in the world contest and today she explained why, amazingly graciously if you ask me.

ok so, evidently i’ve won, they officially announce the winners tomorrow. they have to go through votes to see if any of you guys cheated and assuming you didn’t, it’s win win win.

now i, for the most part, have refrained from slagging my competitors (actually, my competition’s readers once they make the first dig) i just read a few of the comments and LOL’d to myself over them, not worth it right – good material maybe? anyway, i will not name names but now that the [contest] is over i have noticed one of my running mates has complained about what they would blog about now that the awards were over. WHAT!? this person barely updated their blog three times during the election (what else do i call it?) and when they did just linked to other posts and other such junk, uh, you call that blogging, or a read, material? basically, you barely blogged during the competition, so what the hell is your blog like when nothing’s going on?

a TRUE blogger, sorry, DIARIST, always has stories up their sleeve, posts like a fiend DAILY, multiple times if possible, and never ever complains about not having anything to write. so all the readers of said blog, well, all blogs against me really, who scratched their [adorable] heads and declared WHY GOD WHY IS THIS RAYMI WINNING? i am SO confused! the answer is simple, simpleton. love me or hate me, i’m always here [conversing] all over the netz for you, i am reliable, i am loyal to you and you are to me (or you are loyal in your hatred of me, whatever, thanks for the hits) point being, i am the “best” diarist because i am content overload city.

i have met my fair share of bloggers and there are some naturals out there. like this was the reason they were hatched. raymi was hatched to blog and this is the period of time right before she blows up. so enjoy it. consider it watching the recording of Bleach. some days its negative creep some days its about a girl but usually its blew

congrats raymi!

the last time i went to a digg party was way back in ’08

at sxsw.

not only was it cool to meet mark cuban who was a little tipsy (and way taller than i expected), but i also got to take this interesting shot of the reddit, stumbleupon, and digg founders arm in arm.

tonight at the knitting factory Digg will be in LA. all the big brass including our pal Aubrey. it will be a live Diggnation which is the most popular podcast in the world.

and if you pay close attention you might hear Kevin and Co. announce something interesting regarding the LA Times.

the event is free, but if you are near hollywood and highland come as close to 7pm as possible because it will surely hit capacity quickly (this is what the last hollywood diggnation looked like). and if youre super cool you will take the redline which will drop you off just two blocks from the bash.