tony is answering questions on the world famous busblog

Jennie: Was that the first ever iPhone photo on the cover of the LA Times today? What are your feelings on traditional media vs. citizen journalism?

yes it was and it was pretty badass if you ask me. pro media vs people taking pictures and twittering it? i dont think theres a versus. i think everyone wants exactly the same thing – to be informed, entertained, and delighted. if more of it comes from regular people riding ferries than in olden times, fine. most people forget that the video shot of rodney king being beaten by the lapd was done by a quick thinking “citizen” named George Holliday. every now and then i’ll hear someone say “if everyone had guns so much would change”. mr holliday could be said about cameras. props to steve jobs for making a camera phone thats good enough to blow up and print.

bicyclemark: Will Karisa ever come visit the lovely city of Amsterdam and let me be her guide?

probably not. karisa isnt really fond of traveling, foreign languages, coffee shops, wooden shoes, or tulips. although shes down with rembrandt she thinks van gogh is overrated. she does like bicycles, though. so, probably not.

Ali: Which would you rather have: A Guitar Hero: All Metal edition or A Guitar Hero: all Punk Rock edition?

the punk rock would be too easy. they need a zep edition, a van halen edition, and a clash edition. a ramones edition would be funny.

sass: Why do you feel the need to alert me when you’re getting some when you know I am practically celibate? Salt to the wooooound.

practically? nice making out with your whole work during an american apparel version of spin the bottle.

Ciavarro: Other than this, what is the dumbest question you’ve ever received for ‘Ask Tony’?

last week someone asked where he should ask the question.

Dan: In regards to this post, it seems to me that it could be 99% and 1% and most (if not all) women would still be fracking pissed about that 1%. Is there a secret way to make women understand that 99% is incredible and the 1% is meaningless and their focus is totally completely on the wrong thing?

i think some people might get more upset about that one percent than about twenty per cent. the only places im perfectly honest are at work and in fantasy sports.

Will Campbell: Should I be looking for you tonight in line at the KogiBBQ truck in Sunset Junction?

korean tacos that are cheap, tasty, and served from a roach coach is right up my alley, but the one-hour wait sorta turns me off.

Sharp: You once gave me the name of an author to read while on acid. Given present circumstances, I’d be glad to have his name again. Oh, shit, question… riiight. What was that author, the one you recommended I read while on acid, his name, could I have it?

ronald sukenick. get up, out, 98.6, or the endless short story. even if youre not on acid you’ll feel like you are. probably the least talked about great american novelist of all time.

pitt: will Barack Obama live up to the huge ideals of the citizens of the States the world; especially in light of the utter disaster that we currently find ourselves in economically, environmentally, politically, religiously, automtively, and musically? I know, I know…that’s 2 questions.

this is a scary time for americans. the interesting thing is fear is a great motivator. so even though we are in rough waters, people are motivated and it looks like the not only trust this guy, but have a weird love affair with him. already. its not unlike how all the women on the bachelor are crazy about the bachelor almost immediately. so no, he wont live up to those ginormous ideals and wishes, but america will step up and magic will be created.

The Unsilent Majority: What should be done to award the pilot who made that awesome landing so beautifully captured via iPhone?

he should get to appear on the box cover of the inevitable video game where you have to land planes in unusual places. Snarge 2010 it should be called.

Krista: Should I give up my life and be the next Grizzly Man or go and hustle tourists dressed as a superhero in Hollywood?

the great thing about hollywood is you could hustle tourists here while dressed as Grizzly Man.

Travis: Life is short. I’m going to Toronto tomorrow… what should I do?

you should hang out with raymi fil pitt mrs pitt christie ali krista gage carrie courtney meredith and ber. and if your hotel has a blackout, just take your showers at raymis.

timmay!!!!!: who will blink first? manny or the dodgers?

there are 30 teams who could use manny. the dodgers, however, do not have 30 mannys to possibly sign and keep themselves interesting. therefore the dodgers should be blinking any minute now

Sarah: Why don’t you call your sister more often?

im a bad brother. also, im a bad son, a bad uncle, a bad bf, a bad xbf, a bad blogger, a bad neighbor, a bad drummer, a bad poet, a bad friend, a bad Christian, a bad housekeeper, and a bad lunch buddy. secretly i think that the reason im so obsessed with the bible is because im pretty sure im going to hell.

raymi: what’s my next move?

all roads of fame go thru either hollywood or playboy. also, it was 83 degrees today.

harris: Bush: worst President ever, or worstest President ever?

i think that if people are going to judge this administration they are better off judging the entire administration seeing as something as monumental of the last 8 years is clearly a team effort, for never could one man do so much.

Jonny: Have you ever listened to The Sword? If so, what do you think of them?

you know i love metal. you know i love austin. you know i loved vapid retro no nonesense rock. but for some reason whenever i hear the sword i try to find some wolfmother to replace it.

Elspeth: Did you know that the hood ornament on the Rolls is fondly known as “Fanny in her Nightie”?

i think i wanna buy that car now, thank you.

Krista: Does the hype around Obama’s presidency make you nervous, or are you lax about it all?

i think its pretty fascinating to see people excited about a leader as high ranking as the president. i dont even know many mayors who are as beloved as him. i hope he uses that power for good like by hypnotizing the muslims and the jews into loving each other. i hope he doesnt use that power for bad like putting his name on a pair of nikes and selling them for $129.

zona: how long do you think it will be before that sheep herder blows Pitt’s ass away on some moonlit Friday night?

pitt avoided the grasp of another sheep herder in afghanistan, i think he’ll be fine up in the gta