DCist reports calling someone Bush is an insult now

but first, the least loved vp ever silently rolls off into the sunset limo

DCist’s Amanda Mattos reports from the “orange” ticketholders entrance at the Swearing-In Ceremony, which is near C street at the entrance to the Rayburn HOB. She says she was shuffled into a long, winding line that was supposedly leading to the security entrance, but when she actually reached the gate, there was nobody monitoring the entrance to the security tent, and it seemed like people could have cut to the front of the line without anyone stopping them — except, as it turned out, the angry mob. A family did try to cut in line, and Amanda says the crowd responded by calling them “Bush”! Apparently shouting “Bush!” is the official insult of Inauguration Day – DCist

thats a relief. after hearing the poem after the big speech i was worried Freeverse Poet! was going to make a comeback as the biggest slur ever.

i know i dont look black but i am

thats why im pretty much disqualified to comment on our first black president.

my sister and i were the only black kids out in the suburbs for much of our time growing up.

in one of the magazines our grandmother subscribed to, Jet, they would list all of the black people who were going to be on tv that week. even though these were the days of The Jeffersons, and Good Times, some weeks there were barely enough names for half of a page – and Jet was a tiny little magazine. a little bigger than your hand.

today i got to support one of the biggest blogs in the world, Top of the Ticket. i added pictures and videos to posts, i even got to write a few. as a bi-coastal team we were liveblogging. reporters photographers video journalists editors copy editors and bloggers covering what wonkette so wryly deemed “the Actual Most Historical Thing Ever, Since the Moon Landing“.

but to me it was still a black man on tv and i wondered how jet would have listed it.

although it was mighty cool to be in the belly of the beast during a day of such dramatic advancement for the perception and reality of minorities in america, my sister wins because she was there, in a chair, in the good section.

even desperately posting a photo of yourself being felt up by two canadian girls while wearing a silk shirt adorned with a variety of ac/dc album covers cant beat that.

although welchy’s hit n run blog came close with their “Obama Inaugurated, Ex-Klansman Collapses” headline

also, ken layne was on fire (nsfw)