scenes from spring street

funny thing about the death of newspapers…

when people want to remember things, theyd rather pay three quarters

than hundreds of dollars for framed “art” or $20 for tshirts

across the street from the lines at our building they were selling anything they could with Obama’s likeness, even foreign papers like the ones from NYC

but today the local papers were doing big biz. the daily news, the press-telegram, and the times were all sold out at newsstand and at corner boxes, so everyone came to our building to get their memorabilia.

some are complaining that the new prez got 35 times the coverage for his inaugural than the former prez.

for what its worth, im pretty sure that if sarah palin ran for president, and won, there would have been a ton more attention on her compared to the w. but what do i know. i just take pics of newspapers via my iphone.

people are lined up at the times building again today

the funny thing about that is, you can buy the paper today at any newsstand or newsbox, but people want shopping carts filled with them.

they want whats called “bundles”.

besides the people waiting to buy our papers and the replica plates are folks selling buttons and tshirts. across the street at the corner is someone who i believe is from the long beach press-telegram, because she is selling long beach press-telegram papers to people.

and for once, theres a market for long beach press-telegrams.

good for them.

yesterday we had a big day at the web site, a big day on our blogs, and it looks like today will be a huge day selling the print edition too. i cant say i like the fact that he’s a White Sox fan, but he sure is helping our macro-economy here on spring street.