yesterday i bit into the white houses blog

and complained that it wasnt updated enough

one of the comments on digg and in an email was basically hey it just started give em a break, especially since apparently the technology at 1600 penn isnt all that.

and this is what ive gotta say. gone are the days of excuses in the white house yo.

get it done, fist bump, go to the next impossible panic.

its 2009, weve got a remote control car on mars, the last thing that should be half assed in a black white house is the blawwwwwg.

that is the one place where you can strut your stuff in a badass way for free to gazillions.

let people flip phone interview people inside the white house and explain why this happened or what that change is all about. show us the computers with windows 95. lay out the myriads of challenges going on and what the plans are. youre the ones bragging about how transparent youre gonna be – then bust with the multi-daily quick cam youtube blog posts and tell us whats up.

also show some of that little girls pictures of beyonce at the we are one concert.

since my post yesterday the blog has been updated three times. i looked at my reader and once again it showed that several posts had all been published at the same time. i wondered, what was the delay? dont make people think that. and dont have the google reader say things were published at a certain time but your blog says they were spread out.

i dont know whats going on there but its gotta get fixed.

jim gilliam of explained that the problem might be due to a variety of reasons

My guess is that they have a fancy new site in the works, but it’s not ready yet, so they are stuck using the old infrastructure from the Bush administration and just don’t know how to make it all work. The current site is based on ASP.NET, meanwhile the campaign was built on more open tools with Blue State Digital. It’s my understanding that BSD turned down the job to run because of all the legal restrictions placed on it. And Obama still has not announced his Chief Technology Officer, so they may be lacking solid leadership in this area.

in other online publishing news. friend of the busblog howard owens is part of a sorta historic online lawsuit. he works for a publishing group called GateHouse who is calling foul at the way the Boston Globe is agrigating their content. while most people, including howard, and myself, believe that taking a headline a few paragraphs from a website or blog and putting it on your site is fine if you link back. but GateHouse thinks that because the Globe takes all of their headlines they are making their section front (and possibly some of their content) less valuable. dan kennedy has a great post on it:

Seen from GateHouse’s point of view, a [] Your Town site – for instance this one covering the town of Needham – links not just to a few stories, but scoops up every item of interest from GateHouse’s Needham Times, making it unnecessary for anyone to visit the Wicked Local Needham homepage. By republishing the headlines and ledes from GateHouse stories, Your Town, in many cases, is making it unnecessary even to click through. The Times may have grabbed only a small part of each story, but, so this line of thinking goes, it’s grabbed the best part.

this is one of those weird times when i originally thought omg how can they even be suing? and now i think they have a totally interesting case. i really hope theres a lot of discussion about this because aggregation is really important to web 2.0

ps, happy 24th birthday lindsay, thanks for buying the cubs.

questions answers questions answers quest

Tom Lewis: We are both busy men, will we have a chance to meet up this weekend?

hell yeah!

j05h: Is it classified as Animal, Vegetable or Mineral?

yes, yes it is.

zona: who is Dan Lilly?

your man for ham, porn star to the stars, the next black president of the united states, the fifth cylon, the inventor of the pocket knife, the guy in the tv that changes the channels, the voice of simba, ted lilys long lost cousin, photog of rocka, lindsay lohans new bf, paris hiltons new bff, sarah palins new running mate, your american idol, chuck norris’s worst nightmare, a secret surgeon, a designated driver, soulja boys choreographer, feminist, pepper.

BobD: How did people back in the old days, like 52 B.C. for example, cut their toe nails? I assume toe nail clippers are a fairly new invention.

tiny dinosaurs.

Chris Carnaghi: Blog problems at the White House already? Can someone help a brother out? Tony would you consider managing the white house blog? I believe it is a paid gig? It seems you have a lot of connections with the Prez.
You have both lived in Chicago, LA and DC. Dig Pizza and round ball. Love the Bears and the Cubs. I would think with your connections (Isn’t Welch in DC now?) you would jump at this opportunity. Do you want me to submit your candidacy? I will campaign for you dude. I signed up for and I am an offical white house liaison.

although it would be an honor to serve my country, im currently in my dream job. also, didnt we just experience ten 80+ degree days in a row… in january? i am the opposite of the replacements’ “unsatisfied”

Allan Hough: Dear Tony,

American Apparel is planning to open a store on Valencia Street here in San Francisco’s Mission District. Some prominent local business owners and media personalities have come out against it, saying that if the city allows one formula retail outlet onto Valencia, surely others will follow.

Thing is, there’s a McDonald’s and a Skechers store and a Walgreens within a few blocks, but those are on Mission Street. Valencia is lined with retro furniture stores, boutique coffee shops, and upscale restaurants; Mission is all taquerias and stores where you can buy Dickies and Latino cowboy gear.

What would an American Apparel store really do to the neighborhood?

ive spent a lot of time in the mission. i lived on folsom and 23rd, i lived on 24th and potrero, and i lived next door to the old yellow levis building on clinton park. that place had a dishwasher, a washer dryer, a fireplace, and… a garage. i have much love for the mission. especially around 16th and valencia of which you speak. and trust me, im not crazy about ben n jerrys or the gap on haight ashbury but i liked amoeba plenty when it was a bowling alley. therefore i believe that we should just let business happen the way its going to happen. noone would be complaining if they wanted to be on mission and 16th. therefore its not that they wanna come to the mish, its that they want to come into the funky part. control is an illusion. let there be socks.

Mike: Do you think closing down Guantanamo and all the other CIA interrogation facilities around the globe is the right thing for Obama to be focusing on?

we are in a global economy and its in crisis. not only is it the right thing to do, but it buys you some international street cred, and it saves you money. you dont get all that many chances to hit all three of those goals in one swell foop.

jon: Trib to sell Cubs….Does that mean that you and Geovany Soto won’t be sitting in the same corporate dugout next season, so to speak?

or in my outlook address book.

adrienne: what’s going on with artie lange these days? i just finished too fat to fish and even though i’ve never heard a stern show before, i am absolutely in love with the man. geeze, i hope he’s doing ok these days.

artie is easily the most lovable guy on radio. but i dont think hes doing ok these days. he fell asleep on the show again this week. but if you love artie and you dont listen, youre missing your window. howard is half way through his half billion dollar contract. the company’s stock is eleven cents, and even though he has a (paying) audience of 14 million people the media pretends that hes not relevant because many of them dont want to admit that the effer just pulled off something even oprah never could do – make em pay. yeah she had/has a show on xm but its a half hour and its taped. howard does five hours a day. and when the contract is over, lets pretend he has $100 million in the bank. if you were in your 50s, you have done it all, you are three years into a marriage with the nicest six foot blonde model ever, would you retire or would you keep yucking it up with midgets, stutterers and hookers?

i think this is the end days of howard and artie by himself is fine but hes perfect on that show. he compliments howards cautious, dull, healthy private life beautifully. the other day he talked about doing a comedy show in atlantic city, then playing high stakes poker set up by the hotel of the show, which he won tens of thousands, then getting a limo ride back to manhattan, also there are two hookers in the car with him, which he found attractive. also somewhere along the ride he asked the limo driver to pull into a 24 hour drive through burger place and woke up one of the girls and bought everyone food including the driver and the other girl fell asleep and the one who had woken up messed around with artie some more on the way back to the city. when he dropped them off he tipped them both extravagantly. im not gonna wanna hear those stories on some other guys radio show like adam carolla. it just wouldnt be the same.

missc: If I was talking the language of LOVE during Lost.. would you kick me out? LOL

yes even you baby. i love that show so much i think im gonna rewatch the two hours again right effing now!

lily: what do you do when you find out that someone you really like is engaged

i tell them that my ex gf jeanine has made almost all of our friends’ wedding rings cuz shes amazingly talented. there are literally too many fish in the sea.

Matt Welch: Hey! Did you know that Angel blogs are stone cold ranchin’ on the LAT for Angels coverage and analysis, particularly in recent days? Check out Halosheaven, and Three Days of Cryin’, and 6-4-2, and Angelswin, and the OC Register’s Angels page, for starters. You’d think the house of Ross Newhan could compete a bit better….

tell em they’ll have something of actual value to cold ranch about very shortly.

Jordan Catalano: Artie Lang likes heroin:

yes and he loves food and he loves booze and he loves cigarettes and classic rock and gambling and being the funnyman on the funniest radio show on the air. unfortunately he’s not in love with a girl, which makes him hate himself, and fuels his recklessness. it wasnt until i got the rolling stone that you linked to did i know that he makes less than a million off the radio show but makes three million a year off stand up. doesnt that seem backwards to you?

flick: How do you stay so positive? How do you look at the world the way you do?

it was hard at first, but then it became easier, now its automatic and magic happens.

Unsilent Majority: Should journalists only ask the president questions at the press briefing, or should they be able to ask at any time?

i think you’re talking about this video of President Obama meeting the press corps yesterday:

and if you are, id say journalism is an art and one of the skills is how to ask questions in a way that people answer them honestly. life is context, and in that context when the new president is basically shaking hands with his opponent before the opening bell, you dont try to sneak in a jab. be patient, your time will come, and certainly hes going to explain why he hired a lobbyist after he said he wasnt going to hire any lobbyists into the administration.

yes journalists should be able to ask questions at any time, but pick the right ones for the right time. at the time above is a great time to ask a cocktail party type question that youd never ask in the briefing room – talk sports, iphones, hamburgers in air force one. be david gregory jr when hes at the podium pointing at people.