didnt like the wrestler

wanted to. it looked nice. but at the end i was all, was that it?

didnt like my date.
wanted to. she looked nice. but in the end i was all, youre nuts.

some of these girls. i swear its like they wanna fight. like thats their secret love.
she was all you didnt like benjamin button and now you dont like the wrestler. what do you think that says about you? you know after a while maybe the problem is you.

ive done a pretty good job of not dating actresses. wannabe psychologists however are a different story.

i didnt see where his acting was all that amazing. im not sure there was anything that could be confused as a plot. and i have no idea what marisa tomeis character would say her motivation was. im glad the oscars werent as generous to it as the globes were, it didnt deserve it.

we were quiet during ice cream. we were quiet during the drive down melrose.

we were quiet in her driveway.

and i said but i do like the springsteen song.