being a conservative in LA

is a lot like being the only black kid in school in illinios, id imagine, which is one reason moxie and i get along so well

also cuz she wears the best clothes around the pool.

moxie was born back east where she found herself surprisingly attracted to black dudes. surprising to her folks to thought they raised her right, but not surprising to her heart, which knew what was up.

her parents immediately sent her to french boarding school which is where she learned the language of love, and her hidden hippie sensibilities.

something happened during her time at Cornell, though, because when most graduates were getting fit for birkenstocks and hiking boots, moxie began studying the philosophy of ronald reagan and it spoke to her. sure bill clinton was turning deficits into surpluses but she didnt wanna hear about that. wasnt enough trickle down in there for her. she wanted some supply side open market arms for hostage love.

i first met moxie at one of the first LA blog parties. she took me home in her porsche and believe it or not spent a platonic evening at my pad. trust me i made moves and trust me she said no in lots of different ways. it was cute. still is.

moxie turns 25 today and is easily the hottest woman in LA with a sarah palin bumper sticker on her race car than anyone else. much love to you baby.

moxie and tony dressed up for halloween