david bowie to play coachella?

of all the coachella rumors speeding through the tubes of the interwebs, that seems to be the one with the most steam.

because theres never a dull day at the LAT, those of us who are not in the know are waiting patiently for the man, geoff boucher, to release the names of the bands who will perform at the desert festival.

there have been so many coachellas now that the only bands yet to play are the ones that have been in my top five for years: the replacements, the velvet underground, motorhead, dylan, and tom waits.

but bowie would be good, mostly because i have never seen him live before, if you can believe it. the problem is, he always plays super huge anaheim stadium type places annoying folks like nine inch nails, etc.

mr boucher has been covering coachella since the very first one and because goldenvoice and paul tollet and aeg are loyal and good peeps they have annually given geoff (and the Times) the scoop on the lineup.

my spies are telling me that the bands will be named either tonight in the wee hours or tomorrow night in the wee hours.

so that you dont miss the news. may i suggest subscribing to the Pop & Hiss blog, which is the LAT music blog of which mr boucher will be posting the coachella lineup as soon as he is able to do so.

ashley says one of the headliners is gonna be no doubt. but she says that every year.

feel free to speculate yrself below.