didnt use the computer yesterday

woke up and thought there would be football of some sort. but alas, president obama has let us down again.

woke up and thought there would be a sunday paper out in my courtyard waiting for me, but alas, my neighbors have let me down again. which is weird because since i tipped my delivery man $20 at christmas hes been delivering 3x as many papers as he should.

instead of considering this a bonanza, apparently the neighbors have decided to look at this as a nuisance and “cleaned” up the courtyard before i could retrieve my weekly love. seriously, who takes a man’s sunday paper?

woke up and thought id go hiking with karisa but apparently she chose to “punish” me for not working out throughout the week. as if i wasnt busy last week with the first black president on monday and tuesday and covering for top of the ticket on friday and dealing with everything throughout the week not to mention clipper girl and her cousin.

not everyone has made vigorous exorcise part of their daily routine, thus im not sure that removing the one healthy thing one does a week is the right way to encourage more. therefore i ate like a pig yesterday: baked doritos, famous amous cookies, kfc, mcdonalds, and even some m&ms at the oil change joint.

tonight we will know who will play coachella.