the first time i saw barack obama

…was on tv at the dem convention six years ago like everyone else.

but in late february 2007, a few weeks after he announced his bid, barack obama made his first appearance in LA as a presidential candidate.

he spoke in a park in south central. there werent any security personel at the gates. there werent any metal detectors, in fact afterwards there werent many bumper stickers or things to sign up for.

but the logo and the people and the hope was all there

as was the press

obama spoke and he was fine and clear and friendly enough. but he didnt move me the way i was hoping he would.

but what was contagious was the spirit coming from the crowd. they were clearly moved. they were ready to rock. they didnt need any bumper stickers.

i stood there and i thought is america really ready for someone so different than the guy they just voted twice for?

and i looked at the kids and i said maybe those kids would vote for some like obama

something tells me that the next four years will definitely be more exciting than when (then-) senator obama visited adams park in 2007.

and unlike the attention seeker on the radio, i hope bro does a good job. because this country deserves could be pretty amazing if it can come out of this turmoil with its head on straight.