flagrant disregard,

one of my all time favorite bloggers, has not posted this year

i never know how much of her blog to believe. sometimes she seems really sick. sometimes she seems perfectly healthy. sometimes she seems like one of the best and mysterious bloggers of all times.

i dont know how to motivate her. should i email her? should i write a blog post? should i promise not to update the busblog until she updates her thing? should i threaten to remove the governor of illinois from office until she at least tweets?

i wanna give her her space, but on the other hand, i want her to do the one thing she does better than 99% of mankind. does that make me selfish? i am selfish. i am flawed. i am afraid of all the things that scare her, but i guess the difference between she and i is that i believe in the invisible man in the sky so if something bad happens to me then who cares cuz i will (hopefully) be shagging flies in the big wrigley field in the sky.

anyways i heart flagrant, i hope alls well, i hope shes happy, i hope shes safe, and i always feel better when shes in LA.

but im gonna steal one of her pictures that she took every day till she posts. so there.