i love karisa, mostly cuz shes sick of me being fat

so yesterday i took the subway home and walked the long way back to my house.

i thought about running once i got home, but when i got my mail i saw that i had my W2 in there. because last year was a rare year where i had only one employer and very little extraneous monkey business going on, so i looked up “tax calculator” on google to just get a glimpse of what i had in store for me and the crazy thing said i was gonna get like a 900 refund.

so i dialed up some online tax thing, like tax act or something and i kept plugging in numbers and before i knew it an hour had sped by and i was done doing my taxes

and i had $1,100 coming back.

i looked at my work again and everything looked right and i paid online for the tax “software” (even though it was all online), and i direct deposited my refunds and there it was 10pm and i was done.

it was crazy.

i still dont really believe it.

the cougar called to see what i was up to and i said i was thinking about eating some ice cream to celebrate. and she said, you cant eat ice cream at 10 at night. and i was all, isnt that exactly when ice cream was meant to be consumed?

she said, depends is it ice milk or ice cream? i said its ben and jerrys whatever that is.

she said you cant eat that.

and so much of me wants to say screw all of this. man has faught and struggled and done everything it can to reach this point where theres refrigeration and supply chains, and world markets, just so i can get something in my house thats delicious and safe and delicious, and because a few people wanna live 5 years later in life or fit into a pair of skinny jeans i cant reward myself properly with a deep fried taco from jack in the crack and some chunky monkey with whipped cream on top?

i love LA.

so much.

but this is ridic