they cant share a six pack

octomom and brood

i used to want a big family. now im glad the lord loves us and ignores us sometimes most of the time.

not sure what this lady wanted, but today she got eight babies.

thats a team of some sort. field hockey? water polo? olympic handball?

you know the problem with the iphone? for some reason people txt me. today it was things like “rod on the king tonight”

for some reason i didnt understand it was the illinois governor on larry king. taking our calls! oh for the days captain janks calling to ask the guest something about howard stern.

even though i am leaning toward the argument that rod blagojevich is technically not guilty because you can talk about those sorts of things but if you dont do it youre not guilty; but i think he should step down because its sorta like when a girl wants to break up with you.

illinois just needs its space, blago.