1. Wednesday, January 28, 2009

    if i had a band 

    it would be named omg lost

    if i had a boat, it would be named omg lost

    if i had a baby, that babys dumb name would be omg lost pierce

    people try to prove how great they are at making cool creative names for their rockstar kids, name that thing omg and then come talk to me.

    almost didnt get to see lost cuz i swore i had season pass’ed lost on my tivo, being that its my favorite show and all. but alas when i got home from eating late there was no recording going on at all. bad sign.

    fortunately i know how lame i can be, so i have a backup tivo rockin in the living room and it was just finishing off recording lost and dying to show me that amazing episode.

    lost can do no wrong. everyone who bailed out on it are now missing out.

    this season is three episodes old and its been so good i now want to go back and get all the seasons before it and re-watch them to see how they were able to get us here.

    it’s genius.

    if i had a tombstone, itd say omg lost

    if i had a really big wart, id name it omg lost

    if i had a business finding missing people via esp, id name it omg lost

    if i was asked to write the musical based on my unfinished screenplay based on the classic novel by milton, the musical would be called omg (paradise) lost