im going to santa barbara after im done answering yr questions.

so if you happen to be on sabado party, excuse me for talking to yr girl.

xtx: have you read Artie’s book yet, and if so, what did you think about it? (i’m almost done….)

I got it on cd, via ebay cuz i wanted to hear artie, gary, and everyone read it. fortunately it was a bootleg burned onto mp3 (sorry artie) which made it really easy to put in my iphone. ive listened through the meeting frankie valli as a baby story. i like it so far, but its hard not to like anything from a baby gorilla.

josh: Should I be happy or sad about leaving the Times?

josh after your going away drinks party last night, i realized that i had drank too much to drive. so i took the subway home. when i got out of the subway i knew that the reason i had drank so much was because i was very sad that you and josh k were leaving. so i decided to drink more. i went to the 4100 and drank and met a girl. i think she was also sad because she didnt want to talk. she only wanted to drink. and play footsies. one thing led to another and this morning i woke up and remembered that i had a dream. as you know i never dream. occasionally a dream will seep through and i consider those almost super natural because my dream door is heavily fortified. in this dream i saw you and josh learning something that you werent going to learn at the times. then i saw you both coming back to us when we least expected it with great new knowledge and it helped us leap to a new level. so yes you should be happy.

matt mills: Should I worry the sky is going to fall on my head because I didn’t make any resolutions?

not really because oftentimes whatever people resolute to they usually do the opposite. so look at it like you havent cursed your dreams yet.

Chris Carnaghi: Is it just me or do you think that today’s young women have really lost it, in terms of knowing what to look for in us men? Seems to me that they all come back with the same answer. We are crazy and don’t try to figure us out.

sometimes theres a girl standing there and i say, this makes no sense. sometimes theres not a girl standing there and i say, this makes no sense. im starting to think its not supposed to make sense.

4rilla: Since Da Bears are out have you picked a random team to root for in the NFL Playoffs? I’m calling Atlanta.

when the bears and the raiders are out of it i then begin rooting for teams with black quarterbacks. of those teams i like the combo of tavaris jackson and adrian peterson to go all the way. the nfc norris for lyfe.

Sharp: When you’ve been out on a long trip in constant contact with other people, do you get super anti-social for the first day you’re back home?

just the opposite. i wanna do stuff. i wanna hang out. i wanna rock some more. i dont think anything could be more of a long trip in constant contact with other people than sxsw. ten days of endless stimulation. dozens of bands a day. for the last two years i came home and went to see bands the next night in LA. happilly.

sass: Where is Kyla and Tyler’s daddy in the videos?

working. someones gotta pay for all that craziness.

bloopy: not being much of a sports fan outside of skating/surfing/cycling, i’ve always wondered – how do you win when you play fantasy baseball and football?. . . do you add up all the players in your team’s runs/touchdowns scored at the end of the year and compare ’em with everyone else’s or something?. . .

theres two types of fantasy scoring. points or head-to-head. in a points system youd total all the teams in the league. if you had 20 teams, lets say, the player with the most hits gets 20 points. the player with the second most hits would get 19 points. there are usually about 15 categories: SBs, RBIs, HRs, Walks, etc. They have categories for pitchers too. That type of scoring is also called Rotisserie after then name of the first fantasy baseball league that scored that way and met at La Rotisserie Francaise in NYC to play those historic games in 1980.

but the way that i prefer to play is head-to-head. you need an even amount of teams, and each week one team faces off against another. if your team has more hits than the other team, you get a point. if your team has less homers, the other team gets a point. at the end of the week you have a score that looks something like 10-2. you add that to the previous week’s score and near the end of the season, the 6 teams with the best record go into the playoffs. (first round bye for the top 4 teams.) and there you square off with the team with the most points making it to the next round. i like that way better because you dont have teams running away with it in August. Theres still a chance to win.

Matt Welch: I don’t understand the Cubs this offseason. Can you explain?

for a hundred years they tried to do the right things and they lost. obviously theyre now trying the opposite of what would make sense to see if that pans out better. its what yr boy mccain would call The Reverse Grampa