it doesnt look that bad in this picture. but its bad

my head goes nuts, my nose starts running. i got a cramp in my quad a few weeks ago going up it.

i want to put a couch on the top of it because when you get up there you should be allowed to stretch out and catch your breath.

karisa is a slave driver though. she wont even let you sit down. because of Biggest Loser she has started getting a little mean, even. do i get mean when you kids dont blog? and i sure as hell dont get mean after you climb and climb on a sunny day, a day where rock bands are playing on the steps of the lincoln memorial and theres two playoff games, etc.

its true im a fat slob and i eat wrong and i make out with the wrong girls and i pretty much do almost everything the opposite of what will garner success.

but that doesnt mean there shouldnt be a couch at the top of the mountains of our lives.

messed up and had some mimosas before the hike, then had some saki at lunch. so after i went up the four-five steep inclines karisa said she wanted to run a little. we agreed on a place to meet and i thought i knew the way.

turned out i didnt know nothin and i ended up climbing an even taller peak. it just went higher and higher, then it went down the back side of the canyon.

it was there i saw four guys. three pushing strollers. it was me if i had taken a different path in the game of life. all four guys were talking about their wives and baby talking their babies. people would pass by and say “Stroller Gang”.

one guy said “ok i gotta spin around at the halfway point cuz my wife wants me back at five.” none of the other guys were all “say what? cant she see youre strollering the kid?”

keep in mind there was playoff football happening at the time. keep in mind i was completely judging them along with every step on the lords day but even the lord was all dude im judging them too.

keep in mind i felt so good a few hours later in the long hot endless shower. with hard rock echoing, drowning out the phone ringing of the cheerleader who was all where the hell are you tony?

its been in the 80s here for six days straight, she said, we never do anything outside.