its kinda too bad the righty bloggers wanna be sore losers

and wanna ignore the rock show that happened yesterday for free on hbo and for free at the reflecting pool in front of honest abe

cuz they totally missed some blog fodder, notably the fact that their boy Garth Brooks totally got the crowd going better than even Stevie Wonder. Garth did a three-song medly starting with “American Pie” (?!) which went into that wedding reception chestnut “Shout” (!1!?1!). the strangest/creepiest/weirdest moment was around (2:19) when they cut to the prez-elect who sings “and this will be the day that i die”.

chills city.

and yes, the right has been slow to mention Bono giving Palestine a shout-out saying that they have dreams too.

blog better, righties!