john legend + amazing access + cellphone + kyte


our Tech blog editor Chris Gaither posted this video a few minutes ago and had a lot to say. an excerpt:

You know how giddy people get when they meet celebrities? Yeah, that’s how giddy celebrities like Queen Latifah get when they meet Barack Obama. We know that because of cellphone video footage that John Legend, the R&B singer who performed at Sunday’s inauguration concert, posted on his website today.

Obama was making his way down a receiving line at the National Mall after the performance. One of Legend’s staffers, using a Nokia N95 camera phone and a mobile streaming service called Kyte, captured some of the big shots of music and film waiting in the cold to hug and smooch the president-elect.

friend of the busblog, karisa, was just saying how good Kyte is and how i should be using it. after seeing this im sold. read Chris’s whole post here.