the last time i went to a digg party was way back in ’08

at sxsw.

not only was it cool to meet mark cuban who was a little tipsy (and way taller than i expected), but i also got to take this interesting shot of the reddit, stumbleupon, and digg founders arm in arm.

tonight at the knitting factory Digg will be in LA. all the big brass including our pal Aubrey. it will be a live Diggnation which is the most popular podcast in the world.

and if you pay close attention you might hear Kevin and Co. announce something interesting regarding the LA Times.

the event is free, but if you are near hollywood and highland come as close to 7pm as possible because it will surely hit capacity quickly (this is what the last hollywood diggnation looked like). and if youre super cool you will take the redline which will drop you off just two blocks from the bash.