omg lost

pretty girl came over last night but i had to kicker out cuz she kept talking through Lost. not the new lost but the recap that preceded the new episode/season. i was all baby you look good in my pajamas but youre gonna have to peace out if you dont focus up.

she i swear said, wait are you saying that a tv show is more important than this. and she started vogueing. at first i thought she was kidding but she wasnt kidding and i said you have read my myspace and my facebook and even the busblog you know that Lost is my favorite show and ive waited eighteen years to get to season five and all the answers being answered.

long story short i paused the tivo, removed her from my old man pajamas, got her a little bottle of water, and showed her the way to the corner where a cab was waiting for her and clearly i wasnt meant for this world cuz even the cabbie was all dude this girl is all sorts of hot are you nuts. and i was all i pity that you dont get to see Lost in 2 minutes the way im about to.

ran into the house, unpaused and watched the pregame (which was rad) and the new episode and the other new episode and the whole time i was all THANK YOU GOD FOR INSPIRING A FEW PEOPLE TO REALLY UNDERSTAND HOW TO MAKE QUALITY TELEVISION!!!!!

i was patient with lost when nothing was happening. i was patient when everyone bailed. i was patient when things made no sense. i was patient because just like watching baseball, sometimes its about the nuances. sometimes its about character development. sometimes its about the journey and not the results.

and last night so many pieces fit together and now we know how a dinosaur and a polar bear got there. now we know why Ben was so important. now we know why this show is so much different than Gilligans Island. its because Anything can happen and Anything should happen and keep watching cuz its only gonna get better.

but what i love the most is rivers cuomo is so vital to all of this and that was a character they gave us like last week! whoooo hoooo!