one of the things the busblog was created to do

was to expound and reinforce the myths of hollywood, beverly hills, and southern california

longtime readers have seen photos from mansions, wild parties, rock shows, and heard tales from behind the velvet ropes.

but sometimes its also interesting to remove the facade and see LA for what it really is: a town probably a lot like yours.

the photo above is from the longest line in Beverly Hills.

some of you may remember that about two months ago there were supermodels here from Holland which JaG insisted that i show around LA. sadly i showed them how not to run a red light on rodeo drive. instead of getting a ticket, the officer gave me a fix-it ticket for my burnt out tail light.

after going through the very convenient LA Sheriff’s dept drive through vehicle inspection dealie, i had to then go to the Beverly Hills court to show them that the sheriff gave the thumbs up. that court had the longest line ever.

of course everyone wanted to tell the clerk their life story. of course everyone had major business to do. and of course i only had a paper to show and $10 to lay down.

and of course it took all of the morning to do. so yes, not only are the stars just like us, but so are the bloggers, even in the 90210.