the nexus was perfect. we had everyone we needed. more than enough. we had all the people. so many they were pouring out of the windows and piling up next to the palm trees.

but then seana showed up and we all were like
whoah, we dont have a seana.

when i was sports editor i lived in a tiny room in a huge house on 6850 del playa.
but it was my own room.
it had a sliding glass door so you wouldnt have to go through the house if you didnt wanna.
the best part of the house was the balcony because theres no oceanside dp house on that block which meant if you sat on our balcony you could look out across the street and there was the ocean and the moon and the stars
and the heavens.

i was thinking about that balcony as i skateboarded home after a long night of going to party after party with seana avec red plastic cups as we cruised isla vista.

after i dropped her off at her place i skated home drunk but not crazy drunk and thought of the amazing leak id take at home and then maybe passing out on the couch on the balcony.

leaked but chose to go to bed instead and as i was in bed that night i said man itd be great if seana decided she didnt wanna go to sleep, and instead got on her crazy ten speed and rode the four – five blocks down dp, slid open my glass door and crawled in this bed with me.

and its too bad that nothing in here is true cuz thats exactly what happened that night about five minutes after i had that thought.

and i tolder, great now i can finally get some sleep.