she rolled over and said whats this?

i said thats Stiff

she started reading it, then she started laughing and reading it out loud.

then she stopped readng out loud and just read it.

then she made some tea and came back and read the whole thing.

somewhere in there she asked what made me write it. and i said it was cuz i was really freaked out at work cuz they had moved me to a new department and i thought id get fired.

but then i remembered that it was actually one of the ponys that got me into the original concept of what would happen next if i died.

i believe it was the younger pony who wrote in their blog that there was a murder and i died and all these other bloggers were suspects. it was supposed to be funny and it was.

so to be part of it i started writing these posts where i had died and gone on a busride to hell with kurt kobain.

she said, wait you made this book because of some college girl?

i said, well kristin (pictured) was in college, but i think her sister was still in high school.

and she set down the tea cup

put on her bikini top

and left my house.