she said how much honesty do you think you say to me

i said eighty percent.

for some reason this didnt make her very happy.

she said why dont you tell me everything. i said do you have any idea all the madness running through this head? she said but i love that head, and she kissed me on my forehead.

i said i have seventeen international fast food concepts, six blooks, eighteen blogs, and eighteen thousand and fifty alt rock band names constantly stirring in my skull. music video ideas, fantasy basketball moves, and secret ways to get anna kournikova back.

still not happy.

but still said, of all the things we talk about thats not twenty percent.

i said i have iphone application ideas, new breakdancing moves (because there havent been any new ones for two decades), screenplays based on historical romantic novels, things i would whisper in yr sisters ear if we were ever handcuffed and being held hostage by terrorists who were videotaping us and broadcastng it across terroristland.

she was all please dont ever whisper anything in my sisters ear.

and after i went through the first hundred alt rock band names, she stopped feeling bad that i held back 20 percent of what was truly spinning through my head.