someone had sushi last night with someone else.

someone drank a bunch with someone else.

someone sat and talked with someone else for a while so that we could drive home safely.

and those conversations were pretty awesome.

then someone drove home to the south and someone drove home to the northeast.

then someones exgf was on someones couch and it was nice that she was there. so they talked nicely and softly and held hands.

then someone was tangled up nicely

then someone was asleep and someone else was asleep.

then everyone was asleep except for the gangstas

who were rappin bout mowin down sucka mcs like it wasnt a thing.

last night karisa showed me her new camera which could fit in an altoids case. strangely she didnt take any pictures.

not sure if she has mastered the concept that things are cute when theyre tiny but you really should press its lil button to get it to go off.

we ate and she said i think this food is a day old. cant you taste it.

i was all im a man who eats from whatever they hand me from the drive through window.

on top of that we are eating uncooked seafoods.

on top of that we are having beautiful conversations, some of which are slightly scandalous.

on top of which i am no stranger to the soy sauce or wasabi.

so no i dont feel that this totally delish sushi is a day old.

in fact, more please.