subway came early today

and i missed it bythatmuch

ive been trying to be good to the planet by taking the subway to work. and id do it more if it would actually come on time. they have these computer monitors in the subway that tell you what time it is and what time the next train is scheduled to be there. of course the sign said 8:45am and of course it said the next train was scheduled to be there at 8:47am but of course no one was in the station which means the train had probably come at 8:44am which meant i didnt get on the thing till 8:55 which meant i was late for work.

i need to stop talking on the phone late at night to crazy women. didnt i do this back last century? they talk and talk and i say why dont you just come over. they say its cold. i say then drive fast. they say all we will do is watch tv and pass out. i say why do you think i have a tv in the bedroom.

ive been cleaning my house lately. no idea why. ive been throwing out old clothes and getting new socks and underwear. again, for no reason. maybe im molting. something is definately wrong with me. im eating well. im walking places. im cleaning things. im not fighting when these women want to fight. im reading 3-4 chapters in the bible on sundays instead of one.

im not flossing though.

and im not dissing kroq for telling the kids that they would have the coachella lineup this morning at 7am, knowing full well that they wouldnt have any lineup, but making the kids tune in anyways. why? because maybe theyre molting too.

photo of rock group Glitter Bug circa 1989 by Kelly O’Mara