this is where plaschke does “around the horn”

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and this is a new feature where almost every night i will link to some la times blog posts that i found interesting or informative or funny. or outrageous. or cute. or crazy. or amazing. or just good.

“OFF SOMALIA: U.S. Navy, Marines patrol for pirates, like the old days” – babylon and beyond

Toyota has sold 30,000 hybrids through their Certified Pre-Owned program, yet no one at the dealership knows about it yet because it’s “new”? (this is the type of reporting in a blog that most bloggers dont do) – up to speed

just cuz its a depression doesnt mean you shouldnt learn about money, in fact now is probably the time to figure it all out. todays lesson is on dividends, example A: MSFT – money & co

“Clinton’s Senate successor is Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand: NY station” – top of the ticket

kevin rose and jay adelson answer the tough questions about Digg (a post rose submitted to digg today)- tech blog

president obama flew in air force one today for the first time today and he ordered a hamburger. i didnt know muslins could eat hamburgers. – daily dish

dark knight snubbed in best picture race – hero complex

happy and adorable two legged dog gets an equally lovable two legged puppy brother – unleashed