1. Thursday, January 15, 2009

    today raymi got linked on andrew sullivan 

    if you dont know who he is you probably dont read many political blogs. heres how me and raymi discussed it earlier today

    me: ahahahah
    do you have any idea how big that blog is?
    raymi: yeah
    well no
    but im getting major hits

    me: #21 in the world
    raymi: wow

    me: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrew_Sullivan
    raymi: wow
    me: british, gay, sometimes republican, catholic, married to a guy, long time blogger

    raymi: has he linked u ever
    me: way back when i wrote about politics, but not in a long time. so you should feel honored, amazed, thankful, because often he writes about politics, not personal-bloggers. matt good is the type of guy he should be linking to, but instead i think he links to righty blogs

    raymi: well he did make a little dig with his link
    me: you might get some more from other sites/blogs cuz he has lots of influence among political bloggers and non political bloggers

    raymi: cooool
    me: can i post this chat?
    raymi: NO
    me: k
    raymi: only if u chang that stupid picture of me u chose yesterday
    me: LOVE that pic! did Duane take that one?
    raymi: HATE that photo
    no fil!
    me: ahhh. thus the look of love

    h/t basart!