we’re having a ridiculous warm front

for no good reason all of the beautiful temperatures decided to hang out over here and check it all out.

whats your deal warm weather.
whats your deal relatively clear skies.
people will talk about the weather all day if you let em

now that football is over the plan might be to hike with karisa every sunday

last sunday was so clear we could see the ocean, long beach, even irvine.

if you were on the hill youd have also seen me go up the giant mountain way easier this time.

i have this thing where my body doesnt like to go up the giant mountain, because it freaks out at how tired it gets, and it feels old.

my body does everything it can to convince me that im not old. the giant mountain destroys such thinking and reminds me that im 102, period, point blank, as they used to say.

aftwards pizza reward will make you feel young again, though.