yesterday i bit into the white houses blog

and complained that it wasnt updated enough

one of the comments on digg and in an email was basically hey it just started give em a break, especially since apparently the technology at 1600 penn isnt all that.

and this is what ive gotta say. gone are the days of excuses in the white house yo.

get it done, fist bump, go to the next impossible panic.

its 2009, weve got a remote control car on mars, the last thing that should be half assed in a black white house is the blawwwwwg.

that is the one place where you can strut your stuff in a badass way for free to gazillions.

let people flip phone interview people inside the white house and explain why this happened or what that change is all about. show us the computers with windows 95. lay out the myriads of challenges going on and what the plans are. youre the ones bragging about how transparent youre gonna be – then bust with the multi-daily quick cam youtube blog posts and tell us whats up.

also show some of that little girls pictures of beyonce at the we are one concert.

since my post yesterday the blog has been updated three times. i looked at my reader and once again it showed that several posts had all been published at the same time. i wondered, what was the delay? dont make people think that. and dont have the google reader say things were published at a certain time but your blog says they were spread out.

i dont know whats going on there but its gotta get fixed.

jim gilliam of explained that the problem might be due to a variety of reasons

My guess is that they have a fancy new site in the works, but it’s not ready yet, so they are stuck using the old infrastructure from the Bush administration and just don’t know how to make it all work. The current site is based on ASP.NET, meanwhile the campaign was built on more open tools with Blue State Digital. It’s my understanding that BSD turned down the job to run because of all the legal restrictions placed on it. And Obama still has not announced his Chief Technology Officer, so they may be lacking solid leadership in this area.

in other online publishing news. friend of the busblog howard owens is part of a sorta historic online lawsuit. he works for a publishing group called GateHouse who is calling foul at the way the Boston Globe is agrigating their content. while most people, including howard, and myself, believe that taking a headline a few paragraphs from a website or blog and putting it on your site is fine if you link back. but GateHouse thinks that because the Globe takes all of their headlines they are making their section front (and possibly some of their content) less valuable. dan kennedy has a great post on it:

Seen from GateHouse’s point of view, a [] Your Town site – for instance this one covering the town of Needham – links not just to a few stories, but scoops up every item of interest from GateHouse’s Needham Times, making it unnecessary for anyone to visit the Wicked Local Needham homepage. By republishing the headlines and ledes from GateHouse stories, Your Town, in many cases, is making it unnecessary even to click through. The Times may have grabbed only a small part of each story, but, so this line of thinking goes, it’s grabbed the best part.

this is one of those weird times when i originally thought omg how can they even be suing? and now i think they have a totally interesting case. i really hope theres a lot of discussion about this because aggregation is really important to web 2.0

ps, happy 24th birthday lindsay, thanks for buying the cubs.