1. Thursday, January 15, 2009

    youd think in LA thered be tons of great radio stations 

    we invented rock music and all, right?

    problem is we have a sorta good adult quasi rock station and a formerly good “alternative” station and thats about it.

    the heavens opened up a few years ago and gave us Indie 103.1 – great music, cool dj’s (a few who were rock heroes), and even more great music.

    of course it couldnt last and today it turned into a spanish language station.

    the reaction here in LA was best captured in my chat with karisa who just happens to be in the south of france right now, thus out of the loop.

    me: did you hear about Indie 103?
    Karisa: NO. what?!
    me: en espanol!
    Karisa: excuse me?
    me: its a spanish station now. just for you

    Karisa: what
    please tell me that you are [censored] kidding
    how on earth would that actually happen?
    honestly, i think that i may start crying if that is the case
    me: Pop & Hiss our music blog got a former Indie dude write in, but heres the official story

    Karisa: i am genuinely sad
    like almost devastated

    me: i have a feeling Jonesy will probably get picked up by KROQ
    he was the only one i ever listened to
    other than henry rollins
    and dave navarro, of course
    but on the regular, it would have been jonesy

    Karisa: omg
    so sad