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including hockey

Vinny: Will the Detroit Red Wings win the Stanley Cup again this year?

no. they dont have enough squid to go back to back.

adrienne: what’s does bukowski’s epitath (don’t try) mean?

i pretend that he’s quoting that Jedi Master, Yoda (“Do, or do not. There is no ‘try.'”), but i dont think buk spent much time at the movies. and i dont really believe that hes being pessimistic because in all of his dozens of books he was rarely pessimistic, particularly once his career took off at the rip old age of 50. therefore i think its a warning to those who might either want to deface his stone or rob his grave, that seems like more of the fighter/drunken warrior that he was in life.

Scott T. Sterling: Where do all of the cute young women that populate these photos come from?

the busblogosphere is a truly magical place

tankboy: Tony, why don’t you ever call me when you’re in Chicago any more? (Well, email me at least!)

im a very selfish and horrible travelr. most of the time im either shacked up in my hotel suite, or holed up in the basement of my moms house, or just flat out relaxing. when i was in chicago for that week around Christmas i was pretty much 100% family man, establishing myself

Sarah: How do you get over someone?

get to know them better

sass: Before all the cheerleaders and Scorpios assumed their positions, what did you sleep with? What did baby Tony hold on to back in the olden days?

for some reason it was really cold in my room, so i had this blue blanket on which i cut two holes for my eyes so i could put it over all of me including my head. then i would read all night.

Mike: why is there no busblog hockey league?!

hockeys too elitist.

4rilla: going to see Shepard Fairey and Z-Trip at the ICA in Boston last night. Almost mentioned the “How To Blog” cover photo to him last night. What do you think of the AP vs. Shepard Fairey flap over the past few days. Plenty of coverage on the LAT blogs!

as i have often said, im a huge fan of shepard’s. and thanks to the obey sample sales i probably have more obey stuff than any other brand. therefore it would take a lot for me not to side with the artist in this case. i think that because it was intended for political purposes then the original photo is ok to use without permission thanks to Fair Use.

jon: What you love most about February?

new episodes of Lost

j05h: Is it commonly used? Did I see you at The Must Friday? Did you bring the girls in the photo (or any others)?

common is such a relative term in this global economy. no that was vin diesel, people often confuse us. yes he did.

Chris Carnaghi: Who is the hot Michelle Branch looking girlie in the photo?
According to Welch the only thing that can save the Times is Tony Pierce. Are you still happy there? And why is the mainstream media still looking towards papers to deliver yesterdays news? It’s great to see Blogs and Bloggers getting more respect. You must be proud of your own genesis?. It has been interesting to watch and see you change over the years. You are not a hardballer, but you put it all out there which is so very cool.

the one is mrs chad ciavarro, the other is ms lowercasecarmen of vancouver and montreal respectif. i am very happy at the times. the people are smart and nice, my boss is the greatest, we’re going to roll out some things this year that’ll be pretty awesome. no day there is ever boring.

Monkey: If you were from Canada and you had never been to LA but you had a chance to spend two or three days there in June, what would you make sure to do and where would you stay?

i would stay in venice beach, id spend the day there. the next day a drive up the coast thru malibu to santa barbara and spend the night there. on the third day id drive back down to LA, cruise through beverly hills, hollywood and compton. then id stay at the standard on the sunset strip.

g/d: ?=?


Lewis: What’s the most intense — for real — natural disaster you’ve lived through? Do you think the big mamma-jamma earthquake is gonna hit in ’09 or what’s your guess?

i lived about 20 miles from the northridge quake in 94 and was barely woken up by it and i went to sleep moments afterwards despite my roommates turning on radios, getting flashlights, and nearly panicking. i also was in santee in 2003 during the san diego fires in october. my only guess to the big mama jama is that it wont come as long as we have these little ones always relieving the stress. so as long as there are tiny earthquakes there wont be a huge one. thus i only carry one gallon of water, a blanket, and a ten pound container of peanuts in my trunk.

timmaaaaaayyyy!!!: 1) have you seen this ? 2) if technology was meant to make our lives easier, why is everyone so busy these days? 3) who will have the NBA’s best record at the end of the regular season?

1) no i havent but i really hope somewhere there are kids doing that today. 2) its cuz a.d.d. is contagious. 4) probably cleveland because the east is soft and lebron is playing out of his mind

Unsilent Majority: Does your carpal still flare up and how do you deal with it?

it does flare up occasionally, but its never been as bad as it was when i was at e! and as you saw i still blogged multiple times a day then too.

Ophelia Mourne: first time I think, asking Tony. And its the worst ever gossipy question, but what are your thoughts on that ‘Octomom’ from L.A. Nadya Suleman? holy effing crazy much!

i know a lot of people. some of whom have odd parents. some of whom, if you had met their parents as they were getting married, and if you could have seen them in the future, you probably would not say “oh yeah you two of all people should have kids.”

but then those kids actually end up awesome, often times despite/inspite of their parents. so although at first i was all wtf woman, now im trying to stay more zen about everything. but yes i do hope that this is the end of her bringing life into the world.

adriel: so what was your advice that you couldn’t give at that moment?

i was gonna tell you to tell him he has three days to make up his mind. people need deadlines sometimes.

lowercasecarmen: Who are the people in that picture?

my future wives

dave: do you think more sponsors will drop michael phelps? and should they? is it all being blown out of proportion?

yes more sponsors will drop him because everyones looking for ways to save money. however phelps is a likable young man and has at least four years to milk beijing. should the sponsors flee? on principal, no, because he was honest about it. he never said, i was just kidding around. or that was tobacco in there. he flat out said he messed up, so to punish him for owning up about things can send the wrong message to the youth everyone seems so fixated on educating.

bloopy: there’s a decent chance i’m going to austin in a few months. . . where should i eat?. . .

it really doesnt matter, ive never had a bad meal in austin. not even at the salt lick, juanitas, Las Manitas, or manuels.

Sharp: Is there any poetry original to the internet worth reading?

yes, xtx and katfran