besides being beautiful and talented

a prerequisite at Metromix, it seems, Alie Ward likes to turn food and drink from McDonalds into cocktails. thus i heart her. lots.

she and her pallie created the McNuggetini last spring and now its being picked up by Huffington Post, DListed, and right now it’s the top story discussion on Metafilter (where many of the kids are not at all amused).

Just when I thought McDonald’s food couldn’t get any worse than it already was, someone goes and does this.
posted by Chan at 3:46 PM on February 16

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good god.
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personally i dont think you can go wrong adding booze to fast food, but that’s me, mr wonderful.

because of this madness, i was turned onto my new favorite blog This is Why You’re Fat

want more Alie Ward? of course you do. check out her Metromix blog, Ward on the Street

update: it now made the front page of Digg