clipper girls cousin was waiting for me at my house last night

never a good idea to surprise a member of the xbi at his home in the dark.

especially when hes bearing Midnight Tacos.

the plan was to run around the block a few times after work. when i told her this during the day i never thought that she would actually *want* to run with me. and once she was there suddenly i didnt wanna run, i wanted to, ahem, talk basketball.

arent you glad nothing in here is true?

she wrestled out of my grasp and said no im here to run with you, so put on your shorts and lets go. i said but what about my tacos. she was all you cant eat before you run, you’ll get cramps. i was all yeah, eat, rest/makeout for an hour, then run. she said no, lets run now and then eat tacos.

so i got into my shorts, slipped on my basketball shoes, and put on my UCSB football hoodie (“undefeated since 1992“) and saw her popping cherries into her mouth. i was all, what happened to no eating before running? she said you can have a few cherries if you want – in fact theyre delicious try one! but i dont like cherries i said. she saw my shoes and said whats going on with those basketball shoes dont you have any cross trainers?

cross trainers?

and this is precisely why i dont work out with pretty much anyone but karisa. its such an ordeal. theres so much judging. there are “outfits” and “proper equipment”. i was all Zola Budd didnt even have shoes, why are we debating these things.

got running and after the first block i was pooped. she was all dont stop! i was all ok but slow down. after a while i was doing better. in fact i ran completely around my block and i wasnt dead. must have been the hiking with karisa, so we tried another block but clipper girls cousin was all “faster” and i was all im gonna do this slower. and i was like some old boxer out there. slow but steady. two blocks. then three. then i saw a burger king at the end of the third block and i said we should reward ourselves.

she was all oh hell no. i was like lets just run through the parking lot and smell whats going on in there. she was like fine, we can SMELL. we ran three laps in the parking lot smelling. then headed home. then showered. then ate the tacos. then watched Idol and booed when bikini girl was booted.