february, despite being a “short” month

as a record breaker for LAT blogs

we had more visitors than in any month ever and several blogs hit their all time records, including the animal blog, Unleashed, which broke into the top ten for the first time ever.

one of the reasons for Unleashed’s success is the main blogger, Lindsay Barnett, even has posts on the weekends. today for example she tells us about a product naming company who suggests that the Obamas name the first dog Rahmrod after Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod.

to add a flavor to the post theres a video of Springsteen performing “ramrod” in like `985. its less forgiving than the video above.

anyway, one reason i am especially proud for Lindsay is because she was able to get that blog into the top ten without the benefit of Digg or StumbleUpon or any out of control spikes.

she covers the news beautifully, has at least a half dozen posts a day on there, and follows all of the fundamentals of successful blogging.

lol, cats.