gotham recognizes gothamist

ive often said that jen chung is the worlds greatest blogger. even though i work with a few who might give her a run for her money in the future, id say that right now shes still the best there is.

it appears the mayor of new york, etc are starting to agree.

Today marks a small step in the acceptance of blogs as legitimate news sources: Mayor Bloomberg took two questions from Gothamist’s Jen Chung during a press conference about a mysterious maple syrup smell. But more than four years after Gothamist first applied for official press credentials, neither Chung nor anybody else associated with the website has received any.

Gothamist is a hugely popular, and highly credible, website. It gets 4.8 million pageviews a month, compared to 1.9 million for the New York Observer and just 15,000 for the Brooklyn Paper — both of which have no difficulty at all getting credentials. – Portfolio

what she and jake have done is even more admirable the more i learn what all of this is.