hey dummy

now that i have had time to see the game and the commercials and have it all settle in, this is what i think. i think i need to go on vacation next super bowl weekend. i think i need to go to vegas and take monday off, maybe tuesday too. dont get me wrong, its nice to be in the office and its nice to chat with people about the game and the commercials and the half time show and all that, but super bowl really oughtta be a national holiday where everyone gets monday off to clean up the bbq and recycle the beer cans.

— as good as last night’s game was, ratings-wise it was going to be hard to beat the matchup between the undefeated patriots attempt at perfection against the new york giants. huge markets with dogs in the fight have an advantage over a pittsburgh/phoenix battle, so its good to see that the drop off in viewership was just 6%

— yes the cardinals lost the game, but it looks like michael phelps lost the month.

— that damn groundhog saw its shadow. six more weeks of 80 degree temps in LA i guess.

— jerry brown is running for governor again. lets hope gary coleman runs against him.

— i know if you wanna shed some pounds you should step away from the guacamole dip, but can fasting help you lose weight?